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Federal Reserve Hesitates Again

The Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen have once again shown their true colors.  After an aggressive stance in December about possibly having four rate hikes, they have retreated from being hawks and have now gone back to being doves.  The stock market, along with President Trump, must be getting exhausted from this game of cat and mouse.  Surely, the market was strong enough in December to have a hawkish stance.  And recently the Dow has hit over 20,000 points.


But, as we look further we can clearly see that fear and uncertainty has not only gripped the markets this week, but it also has the Fed in a dovish retreat back to safety behind the word games that they play so well.  It is a game of poker between Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.  In 2015, the Fed would just utter the words ‘rate hike’ and it would send the markets in a downward spiral, shaving off over a thousand points.  Now, it seems that since the Fed backs off, we get the same reaction.  Wall Street wants to have its cake and be able to eat it too.  But the Federal Reserve just can’t give Wall Street everything it wants at the moment.

The United States now has much on its plate in terms of trade and policy. The current actions of President Trump has many countries and investors scratching their heads wondering if the United States is the place to invest right now.  Just recently, Iran has dumped the dollar and is going to do $41 billion of business in other currencies.  The markets, as well as the rest of the world, are now taking Trump very seriously.  This Trump rally appears to be over, or at least cooling off for the time being.  And the dollar has pulled back quite nicely as well.  The United States has not seen this much action in Washington in over 10 years or more.  In terms of policy and Trump, it seems that the United States is beginning to play hardball once again.

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Nigel Farage and the European Union

Over the course of history, there have been many attempts to unify Europe.  There is always one country, or people, always willing to take control and dominate every other country.  It has happened forever throughout Europe and for as long as civilization has existed there.  Whether it was Napoleon trying to control all of Europe in the early 1800’s or Hitler in the 1930’s, all attempts have failed.  And almost every single time it has been the United Kingdom which steps in and plays mediator.  The United Kingdom has never let a unified Europe happen.

In June of 2016, the United Kingdom wanted no part in a unified Europe and chose to exit.  And so once again, it is 2017 and the European Union dilemma continues with the United Kingdom leading the charge of being the first to break away, and perhaps break up, the European Union.  The European Union truly does disregard the sovereignty of other nations, and it was proven when it instituted the Euro currency in 1999.  The countries who replaced their own sovereign currencies with the Euro are now drowning under the pressure of debt from the European Central Bank.  Nigel Farage continues to point out that the European Union is anti-democratic as well as anti-American.  The European Union only does what is best for Brussels and their fellow bureaucrats and sweeps the sovereignty of other nations under the carpet, or worse, in the garbage can.  Both Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom know that that the European Union is destroying nations from the inside out in order to get what they want which is only more power, regulations, and control.  Not to mention the largest humanitarian disaster on the doorstep of all European nations which is the Syrian refugee crisis.  The European Union, ECB, and the Euro currency are all experiments that have gone terribly wrong at the expense of the citizens of Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, and France.  The United Kingdom knows that a unified Europe has never and will never happen.

Defending the Constitution

Early in 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.  The passing of Scalia left the Democrats with a wide open gate to shift the power of the Supreme Court and make it lean Liberal.  Many writers in the alternate media were calling Scalia’s untimely death murder, and that the United States Constitution was now on the brink of being deemed Unconstitutional.  The death of Justice Scalia was one of the main stories of 2016 which, quite frankly, most people forgot and hadn’t talked about.  As 2016 wore on Obama attempted to appoint a new judge, Merrick Garland.  The Republicans held out and got their way with President Donald Trump to be the person to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice.


Being an election year, and Obama signing away with executive orders, the Republicans and anti-establishment were biting their nails hoping that this nightmare wouldn’t come true.  A shift of a Constitutionally Conservative Supreme Court to being Liberal would open the door against everything our forefathers stood for.  It would absolutely tear the Constitution apart. When Liberals begin to take hold of power in the United States, it is never for what is Constitutionally correct.  What Obama opened up in the United States was not a light form of Liberalism, and every American who believed in the Constitution had the right to be fearful.  The Liberalism that Obama, Kerry, and Clinton brought into the United States was very extreme.  After each public shooting in the United States, gun sales were exploding as the American people were certain that Obama, by himself, would take away the 2nd Amendment.  With Obama signing away executive orders, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts often referred to him as Caesar.  When it comes to the laws of the land, it is important to remember that the Supreme Court is the highest and mightiest.  And if the Liberals had their way with the remaining seat, the Constitution could very well be in jeopardy of being the last important document that we the people have.  It appears that with Donald Trump as president, he will hold steadfast to the Constitution and what it really stands for and will do his best to protect the interests of the natural born citizens of the United States.  What is often repeated, and needs to be repeated more in schools, is to never let go of the Constitution of the United States of America and to hold on to it as tight as you can.  There may come a time in this country, in the distant future, where freedoms might not be restored if a power corrupt enough has his, or her, own way.

Restoration of the Republic

In this digital age, far too often we come across stories and rumors about what might be happening in the future.  We find a story that seems quite compelling, but as we dig deeper we find that it is just that: a story.  Perhaps Americans have dreams of becoming free again like we were in the past and much less constrained than we are now.  For over 50 years many scholars and academia agree that the American way of life has been sabotaged by certain parties and players within our government.  Fast forward to 2017 and it looks like many individuals, even in the government, are looking for the change that America needs.  drummers-642540_640Stories have been circulating about a number of bills being proposed by Congress, as one was titled the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017.  The bill is actually real, and is being proposed.  The bill is being proposed in order to end membership of the United States in the United Nations, as well as the World Health Organization.  The United States’ hand of power in the world is largely played through by the United Nations.  Many individuals in the United States feel that the United Nations is one uniform entity that can threaten the sovereignty of individual nations and is a step toward a one world government structure.  Post WWII, the West set up power structures to police and enforce their view of how the world should be.  The post WWII world was a much different landscape than it is today and security was a top priority.  The United Nations has done nothing to benefit the United States itself, and is only a proxy of Western power in Europe and Asia.  The same can be said of NATO as well.  America’s role in these power structures is no longer needed and wanted.  Sovereign nations have their own diplomats to handle foreign affairs and a large power like the United States does not need to police the world.    The large world structures are naturally beginning to dissolve, even without bills having to be put into place.  Individual nations are already choosing to withdraw from central power structures as they only constrict and restrain sovereignty.  If a nation wants to do anything diplomatically they must go through existing power structures which can hamper individual nations own abilities of how to learn to cooperate in the world.  It is similar to what is happening now with the dollar and trade.  Large countries are bypassing the world reserve currency and are making trade deals with each other, not on America’s terms, but their own.  It is only a matter of time before it extends through world leagues and organizations.  Having a post WWII hegemonic power such as the United States be the custodian of diplomatic and economic transactions isn’t a benefit to the world as it once was 50 years ago.

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Immigration and Markets

Over the weekend, there were many upset countries about Trump’s ban on immigrants from major Muslim nations.  The stories began to pour out late in the weekend about Americans stranded in other countries because of his decision to act so soon.  Whether one agrees or disagrees is up for discussion.  But, everyone can surely agree that it isn’t good for the global economy and markets.  As the market took off under Obama, it was driven largely by zero percent interest rates, but also from markets being so global.  Everything America imports mostly comes from China and poorer countries.


The wave of populism has taken off beginning with Brexit, and countries are beginning to look inside at their own interests.  It is good that countries want to protect their sovereignty and their people, but as populism begins to unfold further, it will hurt trade.  A ban on immigration is just the tip of the iceberg.  Donald Trump wants to tax many imports, and now he just put a tax on people wanting to come into the country.  That sends signals, both good and bad, throughout the market and how other countries are looking at America.  If markets and investors become nervous enough, they could withdraw investment and capital from America altogether.  If it does continue, investors and markets might see the withdrawal from the global marketplace as an act of isolation.  It is important to note that 23% of the global population is Muslim.  The United States, being the first to place major bans on Muslims, could be a domino among a host of other countries following suit.  As big as a threat that extremists are, we also had threats in the post 9/11 world.  The difference is that Bush did not ban immigrants coming here, he just increased security.  Looking at Europe and what happened in France, perhaps it doesn’t matter how much you increase security or the quality of screenings on an individual, someone will always remain unseen and fall through the cracks.  The current ban on Muslims is a large shock wave that got sent through the Middle East, and the global community is quite nervous.

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On The Women’s March


Over the past 18 months, there has been a rise in the number of marches and protests against, and for, certain rights.  The protests for and against rights is highly respected and there is nothing wrong with it, so long as it remains peaceful and without violence.  But, one has to question the point in time of the women’s march at Washington, D.C. after a day that is supposed to unite the American people.  No matter the outcome of an election, whether Democrat or Republican, the American people should unite, come together, and look forward to improving the lives of each other within the nation just as we did under past presidents.  The message of the women’s march isn’t about a celebration of progress and history, it is about one gender having contempt for a newly elected president of the United States.  More prominent is one of the popular guests at the march herself, Madonna.  Instead of proving to be civil, intellectual, and just, she resorts to using fear to get a message across.  She speaks of a revolution, the right to be free, to be who you are, and to be equal.  There are no solid grounds for what they are fighting for.  There isn’t even unity of the women marching to stick to a solid idea of progress.  There is only one reason why they are marching, and it is fear and anger.  The women who fought for rights who came before them were few and their message was powerful.  The women who are marching today are many, but the message isn’t clear.  At a time when the country needs to be one patriotic unit, certain players and parties choose to continue the division, angst, and separation.

I rarely watch CNN, but did catch one woman Don Lemon interviewed at his desk on Saturday night.  She was draped with an American flag cape, American petals in her hair, and patriotic clothes of red, white, and blue.  She was interviewed for what seemed to be a good five minutes.  She talked about why she was marching, as she wasn’t wearing pink.  Her reason for marching was a demonstration and a celebration of women in the country, the history, and for a future they can look forward to.  Even though she was indifferent towards Trump, she said she is a supporter and it’s important to support and take pride in country.  If I come across the clip, I will be sure to post it.  Everything she said and every reply was great.

The Disappearance of Retail


Retail in America has been in a downward spiral lately.  The downward trend has gained momentum over the past few years.  Many years ago, one would assume you were crazy if you ever put the words “Macy’s” and “closings” in the same sentence.  But the truth is it’s happening.  And it isn’t just Macy’s.  Sears is also feeling the pain, and might not survive.  The recent trend among retail closings can be attributed to many factors, and online shopping is a major one.  People fear that online shopping is destroying the consumer culture and that it isn’t the same as physically going out to buy something.  Amazon is attracting so many people because of their low prices.  The local mom and pop shop cannot compete.  But, just go to your suburban shopping center or plaza and gaze at the number of vehicles in the parking lot.  People are out and people are shopping, but perhaps they aren’t insistent on going to the same traditional stores their parents went to.  At a time when the economy began to contract during 2008, retail did not.  In today’s economy, all retail stores survive on credit and hope of a busier day than the last.  For a short time, promises in the media of an economic recovery kept the hopes of retail stores alive, when in reality they couldn’t even sell the inventory they already had on the shelf.  There just isn’t a need for an inventory anymore or to hear the phrase, “Please wait here while I look in the back.”

President Donald Trump


It is January 20th, 2017.  Donald Trump is now President of the United States of America.  Many Americans question, “How did he get there?”  He was one person out of sixteen.  He was not only up against his own party and the Clintons, but also up against the major media in the United States.  And as of today, the media still continues to bash him and hold Barack Obama on a pedestal of greatness.  Obama left Trump with a divided America, stagnant economy, shattered Middle East, and a broken Washington, D.C.  Trump is left to pick up the pieces from the previous Administration and work through it.  There is a saying that charity begins at home.  And that statement holds to be very true on Inauguration Day.  Trump has to focus on the problems here at home first before trying to fix other countries, or get involved in unnecessary foreign entanglements.

The rise of nationalism and populism is gaining traction because sovereign people of their own nations have been ignored and forgotten.  The United Kingdom, Italy, France, and other parts of the European Union are beginning to realize that in order to have a unified state you must sacrifice your own best interests for the group of the whole.  The globalists sacrificed too much, and disregarded their own sovereignty.  Now, countries are looking back inward and toward themselves, which is good but can be dangerous.  The United States cannot close off to the rest of the world, but she can put her own interests ahead of others.

Rules and regulations throughout various nations have been one sided toward one entity.  The United Kingdom could not continue to submit to the will of the European Union while watching the European Union destroy the economies of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and France.  Poor policy and endless regulation only leads to destruction.  They knew that their fate would soon be the same.  If you look at the United States, one can see that the game board is one sided toward the corporations.  They reap the benefits of cheap labor in return for cheap goods while the middle and working classes get destroyed.  Nations are beginning to refuse the ruling elite and establishments.  They are turning away from corrupt central power structures and toward their own sovereign interests.

The current power structures that have been in place since WWII are falling apart, and doing so at a rapid pace.  The United Nations, NATO, trade policy, monetary policy, and central authorities need to be replaced in a new and coming age.  Donald Trump has shown to the world that many central structures need to be replaced and are simply outdated.  Donald Trump has the knowledge to succeed which has been proven with his businesses.  Donald Trump needs to translate business success to geopolitical success.  The main question is can he overcome many large obstacles and have better outcomes than the previous president?

Trump Threatens German Carmakers With 35% US Import Tariff

Donald Trump continues to threaten other countries with import tariffs.  Now, his focus has turned to Germany and the European Union.  The United States needed this kind of muscle years ago, but now it will have almost no effect.  While his decision to defend American interests is well respected and needed, there isn’t much good that can come of it.  Donald Trump, while holding the interest of the American people at heart, isn’t going to change things overnight, or even within the next 4 years.  There is a very large unwind of the status quo that needs to take place before we see any results from his policies.  The main focus of his policies are short term and emotional:  he is bringing jobs back to America.  Look out long term and see that the United States is in no shape to export mass quantities of goods to other countries.  To do that, the United States would need to severely weaken the dollar to make it attractive.  It did not matter who won the election. Both candidates lack the power to control trade, currencies, and markets in order to get outcomes that greatly benefit America and the American people.

Joe Biden at Davos: Will Not Allow the “Liberal World Order” To Be Torn Apart

Joe Biden, along with the rest of the Democratic Party, have done everything in their power to stir up war and promote their own idea of world order.  Their idea of world order is one that does not promote peace.  For the past 8 years, they have accused Russia of doing the very same things they have done over and over in various parts of the world.  The Democratic Party knows that their time is up and that their agenda has been severely tarnished.  They continue to push the Cold War rhetoric of Russia being evil, when in reality Russia has been playing by the rules for 30 years.  Joe Biden continues about other parties rolling back decades of progress within our systems.  When he says the word “our”, he means the Democratic conquest for control.

The Democratic Party is obsessed with war and imperialistic expansion.  They destroyed Libya and turned Syria into the largest humanitarian disaster the world has seen in this century.  When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State all she wanted was to continually provoke the Russians.  When any Democrat speaks at any forum, we must take everything they say with a grain of salt and examine every word they say.  The only “Liberal International Order” that is fractured is the one that Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and Nuland were promoting and enforcing on other countries.  The real aggressors, or aggressor, is the one speaking in the video in front of you.  Donald Trump is becoming president because the people in the United States are aware that the Democratic Party and current order of the world is destructive and manipulative.

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