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White House and Leakers

It comes to no surprise that there are those within the White House that do not wish to respect and be loyal to President Trump, his vision of America, or the people.  Leaking information has gotten much attention through the course of the election, as well as after the Presidential Inauguration.  It was suspected early on that there could be possible members of the Trump Administration leaking information who are not loyal to American interests, but still remain loyal to the globalists and the globalist agenda.

What White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sets out to do is to be keen and be on watch for those who wish to disrupt and further halt President Trump’s agenda.  President Trump’s agenda, even in the beginning, was to “drain the swamp”.  Now, President Trump and Sean Spicer must be on watch for those people in the White House who set out to sabotage any attempt of President Trump to carry out his leadership and role to the American people.  While many cabinet memebrs are on board with President Trump, there are also those close to him who remain on the fence and are having a difficult time deciding whether to actually restore the republic with Trump, or join the globalists in opposition against him.  It appears that much of the swamp still resides not only in Washington, D.C., but right under his nose within the White House.


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