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The French Game Plan

The French elections are only two months away.  On April 23, 2017 the French people will go to the polls in yet another decisive vote against the current globalist agenda and central powers.  Although the French nationals look ready to succeed, Marine Le Pen does have a few obstacles in her way.  The smaller of the two obstacles is winning over the French people.  As can be seen with the Brexit vote and the recent election in America, France looks like they are ready to follow suit and put the brakes on the globalist agenda.  The next obstacle to her success, which is the largest, lies within parliament.  She must win over parliament in order to make the changes that the French people so desperately need.

A French election win for Le Pen would mean that France will most likely be the next large power to exit the European Union along with the United Kingdom.  Currently in the United Kingdom, the European Union is trying to get a payment of $50 billion just for withdrawing as a member.  The French people will have to play the same games that the United Kingdom is going through right now so it is expected that it will be no different for France.  The resistance within America against any nationalist plans is extremely strong at the moment.  The major resistance and division among the people is coming out of the mass media as propaganda is spinning every story against anyone who supports sovereignty and the Constitution.  The same is happening in Britain as well.

Although things are becoming difficult for sovereign nations, there is a game plan that can be used for success.  The French nationalists need to look to Britain and America to see how to combat the current propaganda and for what to expect in the future months after the elections.  A win in favor for the French people will just be the beginning of the struggles for the people against the powers who are anti-democratic, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom.  Unity among the population and the people is a must.  The media continues to delude the minds of the people in order to keep them divided and keep the division going.  The people need to be on social media calling out those that seek to continue division, propaganda, and chaos which include not only the media, but elected officials as well.


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