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Democracy and The People

One can look back and notice a very large change across the political landscape during the past 4 years.  Only 4 years ago, the world was running with the establishment and established bureaucracy.  Fast forward to 2017 and the people of countries are fed up with central powers, and a select few, reaping all the benefits at the expense of the people.  The movement that President Trump talks about came late to America.  The roots of this anti-establishment movement really takes hold across much of Europe in the European Union.  As countries became burdened under the establishment policies of the ECB and poor foreign policy, sovereignty was being destroyed.  Britain wants its country back as can be seen with the current Brexit movement.  Next in line to cut ties with the European Union is France.  But in America, the story is the same but a little different.


In America, there is no central European Union that America can break away from.  What happened in America, which is already a sovereign nation, is that corruption and poor policy has turned the country inside out.  There is a group of elected officials within America that continue to push the globalist agenda and undermine the interests of the people.  This group of people benefit greatly from instituting poverty, promoting destruction, and dividing people.  They live out their motto which is “order out of chaos”.  As the people become more burdened, the people rely more heavily on those that create the chaos, resulting in more power for them.

What the current administration under President Trump sets out to do is end the corrupt power structures within the United States so that the people have the power which is what the Constitution intends.  Getting rid of all corruption is nearly impossible, but it can be greatly reduced and diminished.  The media on all sides oppose President Trump because he is not part of the agenda.  He is not bought or paid for by any oligarch structures or corporations.  The Brexit vote of 2016 was a defining moment for democracy and the direction of the future not only for Europe, but America as well.  The sovereign people in every country want the power back as the current central powers have failed miserably.


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