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Broken Education System

When a mass group of people become angry it triggers something within the mind to look for a reason why they are upset.  All of President Trump’s nominees for positions have been highly criticized.  Now, Betsy DeVos is the elected official to be the United States Secretary of Education and people on both sides of the isle are upset yet again.  Many parents are now considering the option of homeschooling their children in retaliation.  The retaliation is only 30 years late, as the system has been in a downtrend for a very long time.


If there is one topic many people agree on, it is the broken public education system in the United States.  The main educators and politicians in control of the education system have got so many things wrong during the past 30 years.  The United States continues to fall in the ranks of the world when it comes to academic success and progress.  The number one economic powerhouse in the world is only 14th on the list when it comes to Pearson’s academic rankings.  There is something that surely sticks out about President Trump’s recent pick.  Betsy DeVos isn’t an educator, or even a school teacher.  Many people ask how can someone who has never held a piece of chalk know anything about the education system?

Betsy DeVos and her husband both know something about the public education system which is why they chose private schools for their children.  They know that better education is in the private system, not public.  The public education system as it is now is lost.  Although the very people who educate, teach, and hold high degrees do their jobs well, they don’t know how to create a top education system.  The parents of public school children should have been upset many years ago, not just right now in 2017.  Betsy DeVos knows how the private system works and knows that the private system has a formula for success.  We have to ask parents of public school children what is so wrong about applying pieces of the private system to the public system in order to make it better?  Common Core and No Child Left Behind do have something in common.  It is common that most children are left behind.


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