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Alternative Media and Fake News

Fake news has been in the spotlight ever since President Trump’s campaign began to gear up late in 2016.  There is much truth that comes with it, though.  The polls, analysts, and news papers were wrong and biased towards Hillary Clinton.  False reporting was running rampant with Trump’s allegations against women who just disappeared out of the spotlight after the fact.  Financial channels continue the “happy days” rhetoric with everyone happy like the 1920’s again while the jobs reports are false.  But most importantly, even the alternative media is spewing out falsehoods.


Over the last few years, the alternative media has developed a stranglehold on people who oppose the establishment.  The alternative media is no different than the legacy media. The legacy media plays the strings connected to exuberant hope and fantasies while the alternative media plays on change and doom.  The alternative right thinks they are white hats doing humanity justice while the mainstream left are dark hats wanting to enslave everyone.  The alternative media stories over the past 7 years have been riddled with stock market and bond crash scenarios.  They constantly bate us with fear stories about the dollar crashing, constitution being destroyed, one world governments, and alien invasions.  The alternative media isn’t immune to posting faux stories about, well, almost anything.  Few alt media sources actually provide facts, statistics, and documentation.  Others just follow what the recent alt media is doing without probing the facts or even displaying the correct perspective on a particular topic.

All alternative media sites and gurus love to post click bait articles.  They lead you to an interesting headline, only to feed you a fear tactic to get you to buy a product.  Or the website is so bloated with advertisements that when it loads it makes you wonder if you are still on a 90’s dial-up connection (Zero Hedge).  They hypocrisy of the alternative media seems to have grown over the past couple of years.  The very thing the alternative media condemns the legacy media for doing, is exactly what they do as well.  While some people in the alternative media do their due diligence, the rest put their own integrity and dignity in the garbage can while their Youtube views, subscriptions, and ad rates only go higher.  Their “sky is falling” predictions and propaganda only go so far until you realize that the sky is always there.  Sadly, some time in the distant future within the next 500 years or so, they will be correct and will be telling everyone “I told you so”.


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