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Open Dialogue With Great Britain

The United Kingdom has turned down the option of having President Trump speak in front of parliament after 1.8 million people petitioned against President Trump doing so.  Like the United States, most of the people against the travel ban are mostly left leaning, from large cities, and rich.  Nigel Farage offered the European Union the same option, and they didn’t like it very much either.  It seems that open dialogue between powerful countries would be the best way to address the issue of immigration, but nobody wants to talk.

England isn’t immune from terror attacks and have experienced their own.  One would think that President Trump, the most powerful person in the world, could speak to major countries about border security and share ideas about how to handle this problem in a constructive and respectful way.  The European Union should be open to dialogue as well, as they have experienced many attacks since the influx of Syrian refugees into France and Germany.  This is the 21st century.  Major world powers should be coming together to fight a common enemy, and ensure the safety of natural born citizens within their own countries.  Certainly immigration isn’t a topic people want to discuss right now, but it needs to be done.

One of the reasons that the United Kingdom gave for not allowing President Trump to speak was that it would “embarrass the Queen”.  The duty of the Queen of England is to be diplomatic and to have a say in state affairs.  Surely, she would not be embarrassed.  You would think that the Queen of England would be grateful and would like her home country to open dialogue about the common problem of border security.  The United Nations and NATO do nothing about these matters, so it is upon sovereign diplomats of nations to encourage relations with each other.  It will take a major attack for all countries to take these matters seriously.  Sadly, perhaps that is the only force that would be the catalyst to create dialogue between nations.

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