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The Security of Natural Born Citizens

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump kept using the phrase “law and order”.  The phrase that would be more accurate is “rule of law”.  Under the rule of law in America, it is absolutely necessary to protect the rights of natural born citizens of the United States. What the Department of Homeland Security and the courts are not doing is upholding the best interests of the natural born citizens of America.  What they are doing is upholding the rules of globalism and accepting anyone from anywhere while undermining the security of sovereign people at home.  Just look at what is happening in Europe at the moment.


The United Kingdom, as well as parts of the European Union, know that the security of their sovereign people are at risk with the influx of Syrian refugees.  What the United Kingdom continues to point out is that the security of the people comes first above all else.  If that means the vetting of certain countries, groups, and people then that is what must be done.  When Barack Obama used the power of his pen, his rules most certainly were enforced without argument.  Nobody ever stepped up to challenge anything Barack Obama put into place because if they did, they would be called a racist or a bigot.  What Trump did with the recent ban should be upheld under the rule of law of the United States Constitution by all agencies.

President Trump’s travel ban was put into to place for only 90 days as a temporary experiment to see whether it is necessary to pursue further action.  We have seen many attacks in this country.  The courts and agencies are just opening the door for another one.  The people have taken notice that the agencies and courts of the United States are not for the American citizens and their security, but play for the global structures and ideologies.  And, it shows that the rule of law in America no longer exists and that all agencies only follow the global ideology and ignore the ideology of American interests.  It is now upon the shoulders of the American people to secure our own country, our own people, and to always stay vigilant.

In President Trump’s travel ban from 7 nations, nowhere does it state the word “muslim” or “ban”.


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