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Nigel Farage and the European Union

Over the course of history, there have been many attempts to unify Europe.  There is always one country, or people, always willing to take control and dominate every other country.  It has happened forever throughout Europe and for as long as civilization has existed there.  Whether it was Napoleon trying to control all of Europe in the early 1800’s or Hitler in the 1930’s, all attempts have failed.  And almost every single time it has been the United Kingdom which steps in and plays mediator.  The United Kingdom has never let a unified Europe happen.

In June of 2016, the United Kingdom wanted no part in a unified Europe and chose to exit.  And so once again, it is 2017 and the European Union dilemma continues with the United Kingdom leading the charge of being the first to break away, and perhaps break up, the European Union.  The European Union truly does disregard the sovereignty of other nations, and it was proven when it instituted the Euro currency in 1999.  The countries who replaced their own sovereign currencies with the Euro are now drowning under the pressure of debt from the European Central Bank.  Nigel Farage continues to point out that the European Union is anti-democratic as well as anti-American.  The European Union only does what is best for Brussels and their fellow bureaucrats and sweeps the sovereignty of other nations under the carpet, or worse, in the garbage can.  Both Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom know that that the European Union is destroying nations from the inside out in order to get what they want which is only more power, regulations, and control.  Not to mention the largest humanitarian disaster on the doorstep of all European nations which is the Syrian refugee crisis.  The European Union, ECB, and the Euro currency are all experiments that have gone terribly wrong at the expense of the citizens of Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, and France.  The United Kingdom knows that a unified Europe has never and will never happen.


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