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Defending the Constitution

Early in 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.  The passing of Scalia left the Democrats with a wide open gate to shift the power of the Supreme Court and make it lean Liberal.  Many writers in the alternate media were calling Scalia’s untimely death murder, and that the United States Constitution was now on the brink of being deemed Unconstitutional.  The death of Justice Scalia was one of the main stories of 2016 which, quite frankly, most people forgot and hadn’t talked about.  As 2016 wore on Obama attempted to appoint a new judge, Merrick Garland.  The Republicans held out and got their way with President Donald Trump to be the person to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice.


Being an election year, and Obama signing away with executive orders, the Republicans and anti-establishment were biting their nails hoping that this nightmare wouldn’t come true.  A shift of a Constitutionally Conservative Supreme Court to being Liberal would open the door against everything our forefathers stood for.  It would absolutely tear the Constitution apart. When Liberals begin to take hold of power in the United States, it is never for what is Constitutionally correct.  What Obama opened up in the United States was not a light form of Liberalism, and every American who believed in the Constitution had the right to be fearful.  The Liberalism that Obama, Kerry, and Clinton brought into the United States was very extreme.  After each public shooting in the United States, gun sales were exploding as the American people were certain that Obama, by himself, would take away the 2nd Amendment.  With Obama signing away executive orders, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts often referred to him as Caesar.  When it comes to the laws of the land, it is important to remember that the Supreme Court is the highest and mightiest.  And if the Liberals had their way with the remaining seat, the Constitution could very well be in jeopardy of being the last important document that we the people have.  It appears that with Donald Trump as president, he will hold steadfast to the Constitution and what it really stands for and will do his best to protect the interests of the natural born citizens of the United States.  What is often repeated, and needs to be repeated more in schools, is to never let go of the Constitution of the United States of America and to hold on to it as tight as you can.  There may come a time in this country, in the distant future, where freedoms might not be restored if a power corrupt enough has his, or her, own way.


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