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Restoration of the Republic

In this digital age, far too often we come across stories and rumors about what might be happening in the future.  We find a story that seems quite compelling, but as we dig deeper we find that it is just that: a story.  Perhaps Americans have dreams of becoming free again like we were in the past and much less constrained than we are now.  For over 50 years many scholars and academia agree that the American way of life has been sabotaged by certain parties and players within our government.  Fast forward to 2017 and it looks like many individuals, even in the government, are looking for the change that America needs.  drummers-642540_640Stories have been circulating about a number of bills being proposed by Congress, as one was titled the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017.  The bill is actually real, and is being proposed.  The bill is being proposed in order to end membership of the United States in the United Nations, as well as the World Health Organization.  The United States’ hand of power in the world is largely played through by the United Nations.  Many individuals in the United States feel that the United Nations is one uniform entity that can threaten the sovereignty of individual nations and is a step toward a one world government structure.  Post WWII, the West set up power structures to police and enforce their view of how the world should be.  The post WWII world was a much different landscape than it is today and security was a top priority.  The United Nations has done nothing to benefit the United States itself, and is only a proxy of Western power in Europe and Asia.  The same can be said of NATO as well.  America’s role in these power structures is no longer needed and wanted.  Sovereign nations have their own diplomats to handle foreign affairs and a large power like the United States does not need to police the world.    The large world structures are naturally beginning to dissolve, even without bills having to be put into place.  Individual nations are already choosing to withdraw from central power structures as they only constrict and restrain sovereignty.  If a nation wants to do anything diplomatically they must go through existing power structures which can hamper individual nations own abilities of how to learn to cooperate in the world.  It is similar to what is happening now with the dollar and trade.  Large countries are bypassing the world reserve currency and are making trade deals with each other, not on America’s terms, but their own.  It is only a matter of time before it extends through world leagues and organizations.  Having a post WWII hegemonic power such as the United States be the custodian of diplomatic and economic transactions isn’t a benefit to the world as it once was 50 years ago.

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