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On The Women’s March


Over the past 18 months, there has been a rise in the number of marches and protests against, and for, certain rights.  The protests for and against rights is highly respected and there is nothing wrong with it, so long as it remains peaceful and without violence.  But, one has to question the point in time of the women’s march at Washington, D.C. after a day that is supposed to unite the American people.  No matter the outcome of an election, whether Democrat or Republican, the American people should unite, come together, and look forward to improving the lives of each other within the nation just as we did under past presidents.  The message of the women’s march isn’t about a celebration of progress and history, it is about one gender having contempt for a newly elected president of the United States.  More prominent is one of the popular guests at the march herself, Madonna.  Instead of proving to be civil, intellectual, and just, she resorts to using fear to get a message across.  She speaks of a revolution, the right to be free, to be who you are, and to be equal.  There are no solid grounds for what they are fighting for.  There isn’t even unity of the women marching to stick to a solid idea of progress.  There is only one reason why they are marching, and it is fear and anger.  The women who fought for rights who came before them were few and their message was powerful.  The women who are marching today are many, but the message isn’t clear.  At a time when the country needs to be one patriotic unit, certain players and parties choose to continue the division, angst, and separation.

I rarely watch CNN, but did catch one woman Don Lemon interviewed at his desk on Saturday night.  She was draped with an American flag cape, American petals in her hair, and patriotic clothes of red, white, and blue.  She was interviewed for what seemed to be a good five minutes.  She talked about why she was marching, as she wasn’t wearing pink.  Her reason for marching was a demonstration and a celebration of women in the country, the history, and for a future they can look forward to.  Even though she was indifferent towards Trump, she said she is a supporter and it’s important to support and take pride in country.  If I come across the clip, I will be sure to post it.  Everything she said and every reply was great.


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