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President Donald Trump


It is January 20th, 2017.  Donald Trump is now President of the United States of America.  Many Americans question, “How did he get there?”  He was one person out of sixteen.  He was not only up against his own party and the Clintons, but also up against the major media in the United States.  And as of today, the media still continues to bash him and hold Barack Obama on a pedestal of greatness.  Obama left Trump with a divided America, stagnant economy, shattered Middle East, and a broken Washington, D.C.  Trump is left to pick up the pieces from the previous Administration and work through it.  There is a saying that charity begins at home.  And that statement holds to be very true on Inauguration Day.  Trump has to focus on the problems here at home first before trying to fix other countries, or get involved in unnecessary foreign entanglements.

The rise of nationalism and populism is gaining traction because sovereign people of their own nations have been ignored and forgotten.  The United Kingdom, Italy, France, and other parts of the European Union are beginning to realize that in order to have a unified state you must sacrifice your own best interests for the group of the whole.  The globalists sacrificed too much, and disregarded their own sovereignty.  Now, countries are looking back inward and toward themselves, which is good but can be dangerous.  The United States cannot close off to the rest of the world, but she can put her own interests ahead of others.

Rules and regulations throughout various nations have been one sided toward one entity.  The United Kingdom could not continue to submit to the will of the European Union while watching the European Union destroy the economies of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and France.  Poor policy and endless regulation only leads to destruction.  They knew that their fate would soon be the same.  If you look at the United States, one can see that the game board is one sided toward the corporations.  They reap the benefits of cheap labor in return for cheap goods while the middle and working classes get destroyed.  Nations are beginning to refuse the ruling elite and establishments.  They are turning away from corrupt central power structures and toward their own sovereign interests.

The current power structures that have been in place since WWII are falling apart, and doing so at a rapid pace.  The United Nations, NATO, trade policy, monetary policy, and central authorities need to be replaced in a new and coming age.  Donald Trump has shown to the world that many central structures need to be replaced and are simply outdated.  Donald Trump has the knowledge to succeed which has been proven with his businesses.  Donald Trump needs to translate business success to geopolitical success.  The main question is can he overcome many large obstacles and have better outcomes than the previous president?


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