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Joe Biden at Davos: Will Not Allow the “Liberal World Order” To Be Torn Apart

Joe Biden, along with the rest of the Democratic Party, have done everything in their power to stir up war and promote their own idea of world order.  Their idea of world order is one that does not promote peace.  For the past 8 years, they have accused Russia of doing the very same things they have done over and over in various parts of the world.  The Democratic Party knows that their time is up and that their agenda has been severely tarnished.  They continue to push the Cold War rhetoric of Russia being evil, when in reality Russia has been playing by the rules for 30 years.  Joe Biden continues about other parties rolling back decades of progress within our systems.  When he says the word “our”, he means the Democratic conquest for control.

The Democratic Party is obsessed with war and imperialistic expansion.  They destroyed Libya and turned Syria into the largest humanitarian disaster the world has seen in this century.  When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State all she wanted was to continually provoke the Russians.  When any Democrat speaks at any forum, we must take everything they say with a grain of salt and examine every word they say.  The only “Liberal International Order” that is fractured is the one that Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and Nuland were promoting and enforcing on other countries.  The real aggressors, or aggressor, is the one speaking in the video in front of you.  Donald Trump is becoming president because the people in the United States are aware that the Democratic Party and current order of the world is destructive and manipulative.


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