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Millennials’ Uphill Battle

The millennial problem is not the fault of millennials.  High student debt, living with parents, and unemployment are the symptoms of the problem.  The majority of us lived at a time when large corporations thrived in industrial America.  One can agree that the parents of millennials were rarely home.  They were constantly at work, putting in overtime, and providing for the American Dream that they so desired as the school system and day care raised their children.  Back when our parents were working, the dollar had far more purchasing power back then than it does today.  Millennials have hardly no purchasing power bringing home $30K or $40K per year.  The prices of goods and services have increased dramatically.  Millennials struggle to provide for their families and provide child support.  Most have no other choice but to accept government handouts in order to live and support families.  Something went terribly wrong within the last 40 years.  Much of it comes from poor decision making and poor policy of the Federal Government here in the United States.  Corporations offshoring jobs and the removal of the United States off the Gold Standard both come from the baby boom generation.  Millennials are the ones who are to reinvent America and the dream that was so precious to the boomers.  Millennials are the ones who are to pick up the pieces of a narcissistic generation from years ago and put the puzzle back together.  The future of millennials was taken away from them by the machinations of large corporations offshoring jobs along with the tax base, poor policy from the Federal Reserve, and large loopholes that the boys at Wall Street took advantage of.  The American Dream which was once a steady uphill climb has now become a large uphill battle.

As quoted from an anonymous baby boomer:

“We destroyed the job and housing market by letting corporations profit by moving jobs overseas and by letting bankers gamble with our savings while betting against us with credit default swaps.  In 1969 a person could pay for Yale law school by working less than 5 hours a day a minimum wage.  Today it takes 17 hours a day to pay for that same education.  It is not possible without going into debt.  Milennials have every right to be angry at what we left them with.  Too bad most of us are too ignorant to see what we have done.  Country full of dolts.”


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