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4% GDP growth.  That is what was promised by President Trump and expected from major analysts about the economy.  As the real numbers rolled out last week, the Atlanta Federal Reserve Board lowered their final 1st quarter GDP number at .2%.  That is just above zero.  Compare that number to China, who has managed a steady 6% for the past few years.  The truth is that the ‘trickle down’ theory was just that, a theory.  And it didn’t work at all.

As President Trump takes his position beyond 100 days in office, very little has changed.  There is still a very large health care dilemma, no concrete tax plan, and a potential government shutdown and fiscal crisis within the United States of America.  Companies such as Apple can continue to post dismal production numbers, and at the same time increase their equity value.  CNBC recently released an article in which an individual went to an Apple factory in China to work and explained how Apple will probably never come back to the United States and produce here.

The United States, financially speaking, is off the edge of socialism after production has left elsewhere while the government is the only place to find a decent wage, and a pension as well.  Government spending has gone sky high, production is nearly non existent, and capital goods are at a standstill.  All this is happening as the equity markets continue to soar to new highs.  Poor jobs numbers = higher markets.  Poor production numbers = higher markets.  3rd world GDP numbers = higher markets.

Markets can stay irrational for a very long time.  When markets are consistently manipulated by the trading desk at the Federal Reserve, they can continue to prop equities up and keep the illusion alive.  When you are strapped with cash like Apple, it doesn’t matter what production numbers you have, you can just buy back your own stock and make it go even higher.  When logic and rational thinking takes over again, when the algorithmic programs on the NYSE begin to head the other direction, when real numbers begin to matter, only then can the United States repair the damage of the past 40 years.


White House and Leakers

It comes to no surprise that there are those within the White House that do not wish to respect and be loyal to President Trump, his vision of America, or the people.  Leaking information has gotten much attention through the course of the election, as well as after the Presidential Inauguration.  It was suspected early on that there could be possible members of the Trump Administration leaking information who are not loyal to American interests, but still remain loyal to the globalists and the globalist agenda.

What White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sets out to do is to be keen and be on watch for those who wish to disrupt and further halt President Trump’s agenda.  President Trump’s agenda, even in the beginning, was to “drain the swamp”.  Now, President Trump and Sean Spicer must be on watch for those people in the White House who set out to sabotage any attempt of President Trump to carry out his leadership and role to the American people.  While many cabinet memebrs are on board with President Trump, there are also those close to him who remain on the fence and are having a difficult time deciding whether to actually restore the republic with Trump, or join the globalists in opposition against him.  It appears that much of the swamp still resides not only in Washington, D.C., but right under his nose within the White House.

The French Game Plan

The French elections are only two months away.  On April 23, 2017 the French people will go to the polls in yet another decisive vote against the current globalist agenda and central powers.  Although the French nationals look ready to succeed, Marine Le Pen does have a few obstacles in her way.  The smaller of the two obstacles is winning over the French people.  As can be seen with the Brexit vote and the recent election in America, France looks like they are ready to follow suit and put the brakes on the globalist agenda.  The next obstacle to her success, which is the largest, lies within parliament.  She must win over parliament in order to make the changes that the French people so desperately need.

A French election win for Le Pen would mean that France will most likely be the next large power to exit the European Union along with the United Kingdom.  Currently in the United Kingdom, the European Union is trying to get a payment of $50 billion just for withdrawing as a member.  The French people will have to play the same games that the United Kingdom is going through right now so it is expected that it will be no different for France.  The resistance within America against any nationalist plans is extremely strong at the moment.  The major resistance and division among the people is coming out of the mass media as propaganda is spinning every story against anyone who supports sovereignty and the Constitution.  The same is happening in Britain as well.

Although things are becoming difficult for sovereign nations, there is a game plan that can be used for success.  The French nationalists need to look to Britain and America to see how to combat the current propaganda and for what to expect in the future months after the elections.  A win in favor for the French people will just be the beginning of the struggles for the people against the powers who are anti-democratic, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom.  Unity among the population and the people is a must.  The media continues to delude the minds of the people in order to keep them divided and keep the division going.  The people need to be on social media calling out those that seek to continue division, propaganda, and chaos which include not only the media, but elected officials as well.

Democracy and The People

One can look back and notice a very large change across the political landscape during the past 4 years.  Only 4 years ago, the world was running with the establishment and established bureaucracy.  Fast forward to 2017 and the people of countries are fed up with central powers, and a select few, reaping all the benefits at the expense of the people.  The movement that President Trump talks about came late to America.  The roots of this anti-establishment movement really takes hold across much of Europe in the European Union.  As countries became burdened under the establishment policies of the ECB and poor foreign policy, sovereignty was being destroyed.  Britain wants its country back as can be seen with the current Brexit movement.  Next in line to cut ties with the European Union is France.  But in America, the story is the same but a little different.


In America, there is no central European Union that America can break away from.  What happened in America, which is already a sovereign nation, is that corruption and poor policy has turned the country inside out.  There is a group of elected officials within America that continue to push the globalist agenda and undermine the interests of the people.  This group of people benefit greatly from instituting poverty, promoting destruction, and dividing people.  They live out their motto which is “order out of chaos”.  As the people become more burdened, the people rely more heavily on those that create the chaos, resulting in more power for them.

What the current administration under President Trump sets out to do is end the corrupt power structures within the United States so that the people have the power which is what the Constitution intends.  Getting rid of all corruption is nearly impossible, but it can be greatly reduced and diminished.  The media on all sides oppose President Trump because he is not part of the agenda.  He is not bought or paid for by any oligarch structures or corporations.  The Brexit vote of 2016 was a defining moment for democracy and the direction of the future not only for Europe, but America as well.  The sovereign people in every country want the power back as the current central powers have failed miserably.

Catalysts for Gold

When it comes to investing, gold and silver are often overlooked.  They don’t run up aggressively like stocks and bonds do.  But, the precious metals tend to be a storehouse and solid rock of preservation for the very long term.  From 2012 to 2015, the metals couldn’t get any traction as the stock bull market exploded and was the place to be as uncertainty was nearly non existent.  Now, with a changing of the guard across the globe investors and individuals are seeking the right place to park their savings during times of uncertainty.


The uncertainty in 2017 is mostly coming out of Europe, along with the recent election and policy of President Trump.  In Europe, countries are turning against the European Union and the euro.  Populism is taking hold as countries are drowning in debt with the pressures of poor European Central Bank policy weighing them down.  In France, the nationalist movement under Marine Le Pen has brought about the idea of reinstating the franc.  In doing so, they would pay off their outrageous ECB debt with freshly printed francs.  With over one trillion in debt liabilities, this move threatens the stability of the European financial system.  If executed, defaulting on ECB debt will more than likely lead to a domino effect across all of Europe.  All countries in the EU would then follow suit and all sovereign currencies would devalue against eachother.

Fears of widespread instability in Europe has gold and silver set up for a much higher run in 2017, along with inflation and policy fears in the United States.  In her testimony on Tuesday and Wednesday, Janet Yellen said that growth in the United States was quite disappointing.  Growth has been disappointing for the past 8 years, and for the first time the Federal Reserve finally told the truth under who other than newly elected President Trump.  China has been contributing to the upward move in the metals and bitcoin, too.  As their currency devalues the people rush towards safe haven assets.  According to most major analysts, the current outlook for both precious metals and stocks remain in one direction.  Up.

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Broken Education System

When a mass group of people become angry it triggers something within the mind to look for a reason why they are upset.  All of President Trump’s nominees for positions have been highly criticized.  Now, Betsy DeVos is the elected official to be the United States Secretary of Education and people on both sides of the isle are upset yet again.  Many parents are now considering the option of homeschooling their children in retaliation.  The retaliation is only 30 years late, as the system has been in a downtrend for a very long time.


If there is one topic many people agree on, it is the broken public education system in the United States.  The main educators and politicians in control of the education system have got so many things wrong during the past 30 years.  The United States continues to fall in the ranks of the world when it comes to academic success and progress.  The number one economic powerhouse in the world is only 14th on the list when it comes to Pearson’s academic rankings.  There is something that surely sticks out about President Trump’s recent pick.  Betsy DeVos isn’t an educator, or even a school teacher.  Many people ask how can someone who has never held a piece of chalk know anything about the education system?

Betsy DeVos and her husband both know something about the public education system which is why they chose private schools for their children.  They know that better education is in the private system, not public.  The public education system as it is now is lost.  Although the very people who educate, teach, and hold high degrees do their jobs well, they don’t know how to create a top education system.  The parents of public school children should have been upset many years ago, not just right now in 2017.  Betsy DeVos knows how the private system works and knows that the private system has a formula for success.  We have to ask parents of public school children what is so wrong about applying pieces of the private system to the public system in order to make it better?  Common Core and No Child Left Behind do have something in common.  It is common that most children are left behind.

Alternative Media and Fake News

Fake news has been in the spotlight ever since President Trump’s campaign began to gear up late in 2016.  There is much truth that comes with it, though.  The polls, analysts, and news papers were wrong and biased towards Hillary Clinton.  False reporting was running rampant with Trump’s allegations against women who just disappeared out of the spotlight after the fact.  Financial channels continue the “happy days” rhetoric with everyone happy like the 1920’s again while the jobs reports are false.  But most importantly, even the alternative media is spewing out falsehoods.


Over the last few years, the alternative media has developed a stranglehold on people who oppose the establishment.  The alternative media is no different than the legacy media. The legacy media plays the strings connected to exuberant hope and fantasies while the alternative media plays on change and doom.  The alternative right thinks they are white hats doing humanity justice while the mainstream left are dark hats wanting to enslave everyone.  The alternative media stories over the past 7 years have been riddled with stock market and bond crash scenarios.  They constantly bate us with fear stories about the dollar crashing, constitution being destroyed, one world governments, and alien invasions.  The alternative media isn’t immune to posting faux stories about, well, almost anything.  Few alt media sources actually provide facts, statistics, and documentation.  Others just follow what the recent alt media is doing without probing the facts or even displaying the correct perspective on a particular topic.

All alternative media sites and gurus love to post click bait articles.  They lead you to an interesting headline, only to feed you a fear tactic to get you to buy a product.  Or the website is so bloated with advertisements that when it loads it makes you wonder if you are still on a 90’s dial-up connection (Zero Hedge).  They hypocrisy of the alternative media seems to have grown over the past couple of years.  The very thing the alternative media condemns the legacy media for doing, is exactly what they do as well.  While some people in the alternative media do their due diligence, the rest put their own integrity and dignity in the garbage can while their Youtube views, subscriptions, and ad rates only go higher.  Their “sky is falling” predictions and propaganda only go so far until you realize that the sky is always there.  Sadly, some time in the distant future within the next 500 years or so, they will be correct and will be telling everyone “I told you so”.

Open Dialogue With Great Britain

The United Kingdom has turned down the option of having President Trump speak in front of parliament after 1.8 million people petitioned against President Trump doing so.  Like the United States, most of the people against the travel ban are mostly left leaning, from large cities, and rich.  Nigel Farage offered the European Union the same option, and they didn’t like it very much either.  It seems that open dialogue between powerful countries would be the best way to address the issue of immigration, but nobody wants to talk.

England isn’t immune from terror attacks and have experienced their own.  One would think that President Trump, the most powerful person in the world, could speak to major countries about border security and share ideas about how to handle this problem in a constructive and respectful way.  The European Union should be open to dialogue as well, as they have experienced many attacks since the influx of Syrian refugees into France and Germany.  This is the 21st century.  Major world powers should be coming together to fight a common enemy, and ensure the safety of natural born citizens within their own countries.  Certainly immigration isn’t a topic people want to discuss right now, but it needs to be done.

One of the reasons that the United Kingdom gave for not allowing President Trump to speak was that it would “embarrass the Queen”.  The duty of the Queen of England is to be diplomatic and to have a say in state affairs.  Surely, she would not be embarrassed.  You would think that the Queen of England would be grateful and would like her home country to open dialogue about the common problem of border security.  The United Nations and NATO do nothing about these matters, so it is upon sovereign diplomats of nations to encourage relations with each other.  It will take a major attack for all countries to take these matters seriously.  Sadly, perhaps that is the only force that would be the catalyst to create dialogue between nations.

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The Security of Natural Born Citizens

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump kept using the phrase “law and order”.  The phrase that would be more accurate is “rule of law”.  Under the rule of law in America, it is absolutely necessary to protect the rights of natural born citizens of the United States. What the Department of Homeland Security and the courts are not doing is upholding the best interests of the natural born citizens of America.  What they are doing is upholding the rules of globalism and accepting anyone from anywhere while undermining the security of sovereign people at home.  Just look at what is happening in Europe at the moment.


The United Kingdom, as well as parts of the European Union, know that the security of their sovereign people are at risk with the influx of Syrian refugees.  What the United Kingdom continues to point out is that the security of the people comes first above all else.  If that means the vetting of certain countries, groups, and people then that is what must be done.  When Barack Obama used the power of his pen, his rules most certainly were enforced without argument.  Nobody ever stepped up to challenge anything Barack Obama put into place because if they did, they would be called a racist or a bigot.  What Trump did with the recent ban should be upheld under the rule of law of the United States Constitution by all agencies.

President Trump’s travel ban was put into to place for only 90 days as a temporary experiment to see whether it is necessary to pursue further action.  We have seen many attacks in this country.  The courts and agencies are just opening the door for another one.  The people have taken notice that the agencies and courts of the United States are not for the American citizens and their security, but play for the global structures and ideologies.  And, it shows that the rule of law in America no longer exists and that all agencies only follow the global ideology and ignore the ideology of American interests.  It is now upon the shoulders of the American people to secure our own country, our own people, and to always stay vigilant.

In President Trump’s travel ban from 7 nations, nowhere does it state the word “muslim” or “ban”.

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